Technology and the how its influenced the Music Industry

Music is a universal language that knows no boundaries integrating people of diverse cultures. On the other hand, the technology landscape is rapidly evolving in the wake of new and improved technology that is revolutionizing every aspect of human life. Technology has not only changed how artists make music but also how the audience receives and enjoys that music. The personal computer was the first step in changing how people enjoyed music. People suffer greatly when they have to get computer repairs because of the implied risk of losing all the music they have collected. The internet was the tipping point that changed the music industry making it easily accessible to people all around the world. Suffice to say that it opened the doors not only for budding musicians but also for the music enthusiasts all around the globe.
A far cry from the practice in the past, technology has enabled artists to create beats and perfect sounds pushing the quality of sound and music in general to unchartered territories. Furthermore, technology has enabled artists to reap from their work. The internet, being the new market place has enabled them to live off their creative flair. Given the fast evolving nature of technology, marginal improvements have had tremendous effects. The ability of people to carry up to one thousand songs in a portable device was another milestone for growth of the music industry as a result of technology.
The portable media players gained popularity in the wake of the introduction of the iPod into the market. The iPod garnered so much popularity by music enthusiasts whereby the fade was that people made a playlist of their favorite music. Not only was it a way of expression based on the type of music present in the iPad but also as it entrenched in people a deeper appreciation of music and the plethora of genres, influences and cultures from which it originates. The other tremendous technological advancement that has altered the musical landscape was the introduction of the music through iTunes store. This venue has not only made music easily accessible to people all across the globe but it has also unlocked it to artists to profit from it. The iTunes Store and others like it allow people to buy their favorite original exclusive music at a small fee. Cloud computing on the other hand has given people a place to store and share their favorite music which they can access from any place and any computer that they log on to.
It must be noted however the degrees to which people dread computer repair. People recognize that computer repairs are essential for the various computing devices people use to play music be it desktop PCs, Laptops, tablets and smart phones, as they employ a rigorous selective process in compiling their favorite music and saving it on these devices. The risk associated with taking the computer to a specialist for computer repairs is the fear, at times unjustified, of losing that precious data. It is thus clearly evident the extent to which technology has revolutionized the music industry.