Smoking and Exercising – Apollo

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If you’re a smoker and also exercise or are thinking about starting to workout and want to know what effects smoking has on you there is some good news. The folks over at have put together a short list of benefits of smoking and exercising here.

While we’re on the subject head on over to and checkout their apollo reliant.

MP45 Athlete, We Take a Closer Look at This Program

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If you’re an athlete still doubting your abilities in the gym, then you need to check out the MP45 Athlete program right now!

Do you sometimes feel embarrassed working out with your teammates, or are you finding your workouts boring? Even athletes can become doubtful of their abilities at times, whether they’re in the gym, on the court, or out in the field. Maybe you’re having issues finding time to work out, or are frustrated with not being able to do it at your own speed.

And I don’t know about you, but I know I would get sick of wondering whether a workout program would finally be able to help me get over those obstacles, and more.

But let me tell you now: The MP45 workout system can help you out, whether you’re looking to do some killer chest training or do full-body workouts that will leave you sore but incredibly satisfied with yourself and the progress you’re making. But remember, this program is for ultimate athletes. If you don’t think you’re an ultimate athlete yet, then don’t worry: if you want to get there, MP45  Athlete will help you make it happen.

This program has been supported by personal trainers, as well as other professionals and doctors. It’s even got the endorsement of professional NFL and track athlete, Michael Ray Garvin – a.k.a “World’s Most Jacked Athlete”. He says that the program will challenge you and increase your athleticism to become the best athlete you can be. It’s a 45-day program that gives you a meal-plan and workout guide to follow over the course of those seven grueling weeks. Grueling, but worth it.

Are you going to say no to a program that’s actually proven to work? I mean, I looked at the transformation pictures of some of the people on the site, and they are majorly jacked. I’ve tried gaining the kind of muscle I really want on my own, but with MP45, you get a legit guide that will help you make decisions that maybe you didn’t feel like you were knowledgeable enough to accomplish on your own.

Here are some more awesome benefits to the program:
Burn more body fat
Build more muscle
Budget-friendly plans so you don’t have to cry protein-powder tears for your wallet
Sport-based cardiovascular training
Meal-plan with recipes that are simple to make
The meal-plan also includes food you’ll actually want to eat that tastes good
Super ideal for busy athletes because you only need an hour to do each workout, you get rest days, and you can organize it however you need to fit it all into your busy schedule!

As Michael Ray Garven says in his own endorsement of the program, there’s no better investment than your health. Working hard to be the athlete you want to be isn’t just good for you physically, but you’ll mentally feel so much better as well. Those endorphins, they keep you going and they’ll make life just feel so much easier to manage, too.

Invest in something that’s convenient and will help get you where you want to be without taking over every hour of your every day. Getting through a workout program like this can be tough but a good pre workout supplement can give you the energy needed to push through it!

Take a chance. Invest in yourself and invest in your abilities!